Faux Paws
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Faux Paws
Mobile prosthetic and orthotic services for animals

Providing Prosthetic and Orthotic solutions for animals 


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Faux Paws will fit your best friend with a custom brace or prosthetic device, which will help them maintain and regain their mobility--in the comfort of your home.


Whether your pup is recovering from an injury, amputation, or is getting by with a chronic condition, they deserve the best in comfort.



Faux Paws staff will perform a complete evaluation of your pet at home, which will include scanning or casting the injured area. After consulting with your veterinarian, these 3D scans will be turned into a custom orthopedic device. Faux Paws uses only the highest quality materials, which will support your pet through their recovery, while still allowing them to be mobile.


  • ACL/CCL Injuries

  • Stifle, Hock and Paw injuries

  • Fractures

  • Joint Pain

  • Back and Hip issues

  • Amputation


Made for motion: when chasing that squirrel isn't a choice, but rather a must do.